CHI 2023 Workshop
Being With the Insect-Human:
Exploring Methods of Knowing in More-Than-Human Design

Are you a designer, HCI practitioner or HCI researcher concerned about more-than-human design? Do you feel the need to develop and reflect on methods for how we can re-imagine our position in the more-than-human world? Then you are welcome to the workshop “Being with the Insect-Human: Exploring Methods of Knowing in More-Than-Human Design”.

The workshop addresses the development of alternative methods of knowing in more-than-human design and reflects on how this type of knowledge can and should be used for design. The goals of the workshop are:

︎ Exploring different forms of knowing, particularly those grounded in somatic experiences that challenge the boundary between your “self” and other beings.

︎ Making explicit the sensory perception, capacities and needs of other species, and by doing so better articulate the human condition of being in the world.

︎ Developing a set of methods for including multiple species as stakeholders in more-than-human design.

The one-day workshop includes the following steps: (1) Articulating a personal approach to insects (2) Exploring qualities of insects in scientific resources (3) Communal guided meditation (4) Sketching and prototyping “insect embodiment probes” (5) Final reflection.

To apply to the workshop, submit a letter of interest (1-2 pages) detailing your interest in the workshop and your design research background to
Accepted submissions will be made available on the workshop webpage. Upon acceptance, all participants must register for both the workshop and at least one day of the conference.

The full workshop proposal is [available here]. 

Insect embodiment probes built during a previous instance of the workshop. 

Anton Poikolainen Rosen: @Anton_P_R